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ESL Reading Article For Teachers and Students - Insects and Spiders

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Answer the questions according to the article

Insects and Spiders

Often mistaken for insects, spiders actually belong to a different classification of creatures, called arachnids. They're insects' worst enemies. Although a few species, such as the black widow and the brown recluse, are dangerous, the majority are harmless to humans. Moreover, they can be helpful. Pest control, for example is just one of the many ways spiders can help us. Because they kill far more pests than commercial insecticides do. In the future, perhaps if farmers employ armies of spiders to protect their fields, our grocery bills will be lower and our soil and water and food will have fewer pesticide remains.

1. Unlike many people think, ----.

A) spiders can be used in insecticide industry
B) the black widow is a dangerous species of the spider
C) spiders are the worst enemy of insects
D) same species of spiders are dangerous
E) a spider is not a kind of insect at all

2. The black widow and the brown recluse ----.

A) are often confused with other species of spiders
B) do the greatest harm to soil, water, and food
C) are two of the few dangerous species of spiders
D) don't belong to the classification of creatures called "arachnids."
E) are the most commonly used species of spiders in pest control

3. In the future, agricultural products might be cheaper and healthier if ----.

A) farmers used cheaper commercial insecticides
B) they found an effective way to get rid of spiders
C) some species of spiders weren't so harmful
D) armies of spiders are employed to protect the fields
E) insecticides destroy all the insects on the field

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