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Insects and Spiders
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Insects and Agriculture

Same species, most of them insects, benefit increasingly from man 's activities. Modern, large-scale agriculture offers them a paradise. Crops are grown year after year in the same or nearby fields, helping insects populations to build up. Many of the worst pests are insect invaders from foreign countries that have left their natural enemies behind and so are as free as man himself from the check of nature's balance. Agricultural scientists try hard to find ways to check insect pests by tricks of cultivation. They import the ancient enemies of invading foreign insects and foster the resident enemies of invading foreign insects.

1. Some species that benefit from man's activities ----.

A) have large populations because of modern agriculture
B) are killed by modern techniques
C) are generally killing all the living organisms
D) have been used as a check of nature
E) cause a lot of damage in the harvest of in summer

2. According to the passage, the ancient enemies of invading foreign insects ----.

A) were used as an alternative way to help farmer
B) will lead to a lot of damage in large fields
C) will cause wars between countries
D) are used to stop them
E) are not living today due to same agricultural improvements

3. We can assume that in nature ----.

A) same species like reptiles don't interest farmers
B) agriculture offers a paradise to farmers
C) cultivation is done with the help of same scientists
D) same countries have natural enemies that are grown by same farmers
E) animal populations are balanced by their enemies

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