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Reading a Novel and Taking Notes - ESL Reading Comprehension 46

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Answer the questions according to the reading.

Note Taking While Reading

One can write notes either in the novel he or she is reading or in a separate notebook. The advantage of the former method is that it doesn't disturb one's reading too much; disadvantage is that it spoils a book, it affects one's second reading of the novel, there is not always too much room for the notes in the book. One way round these problems is to write brief notes in pencil in a novel as one is reading, then to copy these up and expand them in a separate notebook. These also allow one to copy out brief extracts from the novel which strike one as important, and it means that you file for future reference only notes about which you have thought a second time after having finished reading the novel.

1. It's stated in the passage that ----.

A) there is more than one way to take notes
B) writing notes in the novel doesn't harm the book so much
C) taking notes in a separate book has only disadvantages
D) one 's reading too much spoils a book
E) studying a novel is more difficult than reading it in detail

2. According to the passage, ----.

A) writing a novel is more difficult than reading it
B) short notes may be helpful in the future
C) making notes larger is no longer valid for readers
D) one can read either novel or short story easily
E) it's not practical to read a novel twice

3. The main concern of the passage is ----.

A) the methods of reading a book
B) how to cope with problems of reading a novel
C) the notes that are taken while reading a novel
D) the obstacles during writing
E) how to write a good novel

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