Short Reading Comprehension 31

Speaking vs Listening - Article 31

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Answer the questions according to the reading.

Speaking vs Listening

It often appears that we have more to gain by speaking than by listening. One big advantage of speaking is that it gives you a chance to control others' thoughts and actions. Whatever your goal is, the key to success seems to be the ability to speak well. Another apparent advantage of speaking is the chance it provides to gain the admiration, respect, or liking of others. Finally, talking gives you the chance to release energy in a way that listening can't. In the same way, you can often lessen your anger by letting it out verbally.

1. According to the passage, speaking can result in ----.

A) decreasing anger
B) increasing stress
c) losing admiration of others
D) decreasing excitement
E) losing respect of others

2. As it is stated in the passage, speaking ----.

A) has advantages over listening
B) doesn't help one to release harmful emotions
C) like listening has many advantages
D) is as equally important as listening is
E) can sometimes be really exhausting unlike listening

3. The article is mainly about ----.

A) why keeping quiet cannot help others solve their problems
B) how to let your anger out by speaking
c) the advantages and disadvantages of both speaking and listening
D) why a good listener is always appreciated
E) the advantages of speaking

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