For vs During - ESL

Though the difference between for and during is significant and easy to learn, many people misuse them.

We use for when we are talking about the duration of something. We use during when we are giving extra information (something that we did or happened) within that time period.

My stay was for 3 days.
I studied a lot during my 3 day stay.

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For must be followed directly by 'a' or 'an' or by a number followed by a time noun. (year, month, week etc.)

For Example

  • My father has been in Paris for six days.
  • I haven’t seen you for a long time.
  • I lived in San Francisco for ten years.
  • We were on a vacation for a week.


    Unlike "for" it’s a preposition that should be followed by either a noun or a pronoun.

    For Example:

  • During my vacation, I witnessed a lot of amazing events.
  • We can discuss this topic during the dinner.
  • What happened during the blizzard?
  • Your grandfather came during your absence.

  • For/During Quick Exercise

    Choose for or during.

    1. I can’t believe you slept 14 hours.

    2. He was really upset her absence.

    3. We moved to America the great recession.

    4. We have lived in America 34 years.

    5. I got sick 3 times the summer in Hawaii.

    Correctness =
    Correct answers:

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