While vs During

Though the difference between while and during is significant and easy to learn, many people misuse them.

While and During have similar meanings but different grammar.

We can sign the contract while we have dinner.
We can sign the contract during dinner.

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Like "during", it indicates a parallelism between two events happening at the same time. However, it is a conjunction; so, it should be followed by a clause (a subject and a verb).

For Example

  • My father was washing his car while my mother was cooking.
  • While my brother was driving I was reading a book.
  • I will be lecturing while you are taking notes.

  • Note:
    It’s also used to talk about two events; yet, one starts in the middle of another action.

  • While I was sleeping, the doorbell rang.
  • I saw him while he was walking down the street.
  • While the students were chatting, the teacher came into the class.


    Unlike "while" it’s a preposition that should be followed by either a noun or a pronoun.

    For Example:

  • During my vacation, I witnessed a lot of amazing events.
  • We can discuss this topic during the dinner.
  • What happened during the blizzard?
  • Your grandfather came during your absence.

  • For/During Quick Exercise

    Choose for or during.

    1. I can’t believe you slept the whole flight.

    2. He was really sick his absence.

    3. We had barbecue the kids played.

    4. We were singing they were dancing.

    5. I puked 2 times lunch.

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