Future Continuous Tense

We use the Future Continuous Tense We use to describe an action that will or won't be going on at a certain time in the future.

Time expressions:

tomorrow (morning, afternoon, night)
next (week, month, year)
this time tomorrow

Forming Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Affirmative FormSubject + will + be + verb (ing)....
We will be studying for the exam.
Negative FormSubject + won't + be + verb (ing)...
We won't be playing games.
Question FormWill + subject + be + verb (ing)...?
Will you be driving?
Negative QuestionWon't + subject + be + verb (ing)...?
Won't we be working on the project?

More Examples

a. This time next tomorrow, they will be moving to Chicago.
b. This time next month, they will be taking the final exam.
c. Tomorrow morning at the same time, I will be waiting for you.
d. Next month at this time, you will be working at the company.
e. When we reach Alaska, it will probably be snowing.
f. This time next year, Herman will be attending Stanford.

Also See:

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Quick Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the future continuous tense form of the verbs in brackets.

1. We (watch) the football match when you come

2. I don't know what they (do) when we get there.

3. I (shop) all day tomorrow.

4. What (do) this time tomorrow?

5. I (not sleep) at midnight. I want to go out tonight.

Correctness =
Correct answers:


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