Simple Future Tense - Will

We use simple future tense to talk about future activities or statements. A present or future certainty is given by will + base form of the verb.

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We use "Will" future tense for

1. Prediction (the things that we predict to happen in the future)

My grandfather will be sixty years old two days later.
I think it won’t rain tomorrow.
My son will start school when he’s 6.
Doris moved to another country. You’ll never see her again.
Fortune Teller: You will marry a millionaire.

"Will" is often used with verbs such as "think, know, believe, suppose, expect, hope, be sure, be afraid, wonder" etc.

I think I’ll pass the exam.
I expect they’ll come to my birthday party this evening.
I hope things will improve soon.

2. The actions that we decide to do now, at the moment of speaking

I am hungry. I’ll have a toast.

A: What would you like to drink?
B: I’ll have coke , please.

A: The phone is ringing.
B: I’ll answer it.

3. Offers

Your luggage looks very heavy. I’ll help you with it.
You don’t have a car. I will take you to the airport.

4. Promises

Thank you for giving me your book. I’ll give it back to you next week.
We'll find the right job for you. Don’t worry!
I will come home before nine, dad.
I promise, I won’t tell anybody your secret.

5. In newspaper and news broadcast for announcements of future plans

The Minister will return from Ireland next week.
The political parties will meet at the parliament next Friday.
The Prime Minister will open the new hospital on Monday.

6. To express a willingness, or unwillingness to carry out a future action

I will do my best in "future tense" quiz tomorrow.
He won’t drive in snow or fog.

7. In requests and to tell people what to do.

Will you pass me the salt, please?
The baby is sleeping. Will you please be quiet?

NOTE: "Won’t" and the contraction of "will not" have two meanings.

Sarah will not/won't be at home today.(negative future)
Sarah won’t/will not eat her dinner. (Refusal)
This machine won't/will not work. (It refuses to work)

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