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Be Going To Future
Will Future
Will vs Going To

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Will vs Going To Exercises 1
Will vs Going To Exercise 2
Write the correct form of going to or will to complete the dialogue.

LAURA: What are you doing this weekend, Jan?

TANYA: I (see) a new play tomorrow at the Royal Court theater.

LAURA: Have you got the tickets yet?

TANYA: NO, I (get) them this afternoon, actually. Would you like to come?

LAURA: Oh, thank you, that would be nice.

TANYA: OK, I (get) you a ticket too.

LAURA: Great ... what time does it start?

TANYA: Eight o'clock, but we (all meet) in the Green Cafe at 7.15.

LAURA: OK, I (meet) you in the cafe, but, er...

I (be) there around 7.30.

TANYA: That's fine.

LAURA: Oh, one other thing ... I've got no money at the moment... I (pay) for the ticket on Saturday. Is that OK?

TANYA: Yes, that's OK, no problem.

LAURA: Great! Why don't we go eat something in the restaurant?

TANYA: That's a good idea. I (phone) the others and see if they want to come too.

LAURA: Good, and I (book) a table for us.

TANYA: Great! I (meet) you there in a moment.

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