Be Going To Future

Be going to expresses more of a planned future or an intention to perform a certain action.

Time Expressions Used:
next week
in a few minutes
in three days
tomorrow night
next month
next year
when he returns
next July
at 5 o'clock

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Forming Be Going To Future

Affirmative Form Subject + am / is / are + going to + verb + complement
She is going to sell her house.
Negative FormSubject + am not / isn't / aren't + going to + verb + complement
She is not going to sell her house.
Question FormAm / is / are + Subject + going to + verb + complement?
Is she going to sell her house?
Negative Question FormAm...not / isn't / aren't + subject + going to + verb + complement?
Isn't she going to sell her house?

Be Going To Exercise

Use be going to in the following sentences.

1. Are you (watch) the ceremony tomorrow?

2. Gary (not visit) his cousin today because he is tired.

3. I (paint) my room on Sunday.

4. The guests (bring) their own food.

5. There are no clouds in the sky. It (not rain) today.

6. My mother (cook) dinner for us later.

7. I'd better sleep. I (get up) early in the morning.

8. Am I (come) with you tomorrow?

9. Your friends (not do) your homework for you.

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