Simple Future Will Exercise

We use simple future tense to talk about future activities or statements. A present or future certainty is given by will + base form of the verb.

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Simple Future Tense (Will)

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(Be) Going To Future
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Will vs Going To Exercises
Fill in the blanks with the simple future tense.

1. I ---- (turn) twenty one next week.

2. I think Lakers ---- (win) their next game.

3. You should go with them, otherwise you ---- (get bored).

4. I really hope things ---- (get) better soon.

5. I am starving, I ---- (have) a big burger.

6. Somebody's at the door, I ---- (check) it out.

7. If you can come early, I ---- (cook) a nice meal for you.

8. I promise, I ---- (not disappoint) you ever again.

9. The government ---- (help) you if you cannot afford to pay your medical bills.

10. Nobody ---- (be) home tonight so we can do whatever we want.

11. Do you think we ---- (make) it on time for the flight?

12. It ---- (turn off) automatically if it's idle for half an hour.

13. I don't feel very well, I think I ---- (just stay) home.

14. Don't wait for me, I ---- (not be) there before 10 o'clock.

15. According to the doctor he ---- (survive).

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