Gone To vs Been To vs Been In

He's gone to England vs
He's been in England vs
He's been to England?

See the different meanings below and try our exercise.


perfect tense exercises (See part 2)

Been To

We use been to to say that we went somewhere and came back and that we are not there anymore.

I have been to Paris before, and I can tell you that it’s an amazing city. (I am back now)

My brother has been to Venice. I am sure he can give us some advice about where to eat or where to stay.

Note: We don’t always use to

I have never been abroad.(not… been to… )

Gone To

We use gone to to say that we went somewhere and we are still there.

A: Where is your sister Sam?
B: She has gone to the market, she will be home soon.


As you can understand, we cannot use subject pronouns (I and We) with "gone to" as it wouldn't make sense to ask someone if he / she is somewhere else or in front of us.

I have been to London.
I have gone to London. ("I am in London."?)

Been In

We use been in to give information about how long we have been somewhere.

A: How long have you been in California?
B: I have been in San Francisco for six years and never thought of going back to my homeland.

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