Present Perfect Tense Exercises

1. Complete the sentences with present perfect. Use the verb in brackets + just / already / yet

1. A: Would you like something to eat?
B: No, thanks. I ---- lunch. (just / have)

2. A: Do you know where Julia is?
B: Yes, I ---- her. (just / see)

3. A: What time is David leaving?
B: He ----. (already / leave)

4. A: What's in the newspaper today?
B: I don't know. I ----.(not / read / yet)

5. A: Is Ann coming to the cinema with us?
B: No, she ---- the film. (already / see)

6. A: Are your friends here yet?
B: Yes, they ---- (just / arrive)

7. A: What does Tim think about your plan?
B: I ---- (not / tell / yet)

8. Joe goes out. Five minutes later, the phone rings and the caller says 'Can I speak to Joe?'
You say: I'm afraid he ---- (go out).

9. You are eating in a restaurant. The waiter thinks you have finished and wants to take your plate away.
You say: Wait a minute! I ----. (not / finish)

10. You are going to a restaurant this evening. You phone to reserve a table. Later your friend says 'Shall I phone to reserve a table?'
You say: No I ----. (do / it)

2. Fill in the blank with been or gone.

11. Jim is on holiday. He's ---- to Italy.

12. Hello! I've just ---- to the shops. I've bought lots of things.

13. Alice isn't here at the moment. She's ---- to the shop to get a newspaper.

14. Tom has ---- out. He'll be back in about an hour.

15. 'Are you going to the bank?' 'No, I've already ---- to the bank.'

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