Simple Past vs Present Perfect Exercise

1. I love New York. I there many times.

2. I to Hawaii for a vacation last year.

3. Fred and Wilma to Germany after they got married.

4. My brother in San Francisco since he got a job there.

5. Our team three games so far this month.

6. Lucas the car, so you can use it now.

7. our new history teacher yet?

8. Don't wait for Sarah, she shopping.

9. The train yet, we are all waiting for it..

10. They the elevator yet, we have to use the stairs.

11. I my car yesterday.

12. I couldn't go to school yesterday as I sick.

13. Mr. Schwarz in Brazil from 1999 to 2006.

14. I my glasses, I cannot find them.

15. I from high school in 2007.

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