Like vs As Exercise 1

ESL Like vs As Grammar Exercise

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Like vs As Exercise 1
Like vs As Worksheet 2

As If / As Though
Fill in the blanks with like or as.

1. ---- a young man, he was very athletic and strong.

2. A sick man ---- him shouldn't have to work at all.

3. The dictionary defines democracy ---- "government by the people".

4. Don't ask questions, please do ---- you are told.

5. She looks just ---- her mother.

6. The rumor spread ---- wildfire throughout the school.

7. He has been described ---- a very honest and loyal teacher.

8. The teams were asked to select the best among them ---- their leader.

9. Flowers ---- orchids and gardenias grow only in warm climates.

10. She refers to herself ---- the queen of the kitchen.

11. An opportunity ---- this doesn't present itself every day.

12. He is regarded ---- a saint by many of his followers.

13. Sometimes his secretary dresses ---- a movie star.

14. The Vice President must function ---- the head of the government if anything happens to the President.

15. Mr. Samson works ---- a firefighter.

16. Paula would like to find a job ---- a journalist.

17. Andy works ---- a horse to beat his opponent.

18. Mary and her sister fight ---- cats and dogs.

19. She has been working ---- a vet for a year.

20. "What are you cooking? It smells ---- fish."

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