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Like vs As Exercise 1
Like vs As Worksheet 2
Fill in the blanks with like or as.

1. "Sammy, you're a big boy now. Stop acting ---- a baby," she said.

2. Mrs Madison was offered a job ---- a sales assistant in a nearby boutique.

3. A: Tara is a wonderful artist.
B: Yes. No one else can paint ---- her.

4. A: I wish Sarah would stop being so immature.
B: I agree. She acts ---- a child sometimes.

5. A: How shall I tie my shoelaces?
B: Do it ---- we taught you.

6. A: The play last night was fantastic.
B: Yes. The lead actor was wonderful ---- Macbeth.

7. A: What does Mark do for a living?
B: He works ---- a hotel manager.

8. A: What kind of me at is this?
B: I'm not sure. It tastes ---- beef.

9. A: I've just bought this dress.
B: Gosh! It's exactly the same ---- the one I bought!

10. A: I'm sure i know that man.
B: Me too. He looks ---- my old math teacher.

11. A: It was far too hot in that room.
B: I know. It was ---- being in an oven.

12. A: Eric Clapton is very talented, isn't he?
B: Yes. He is known ---- one of the greatest rock musicians of our time.

13. A: What is Peter cooking?
B: I don't know. It smells ---- steak.

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