Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Past Perfect Progressive Tense

We use the Past Perfect Continuous Tense to talk about duration of an action in the past.

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Present Perfect Progressive
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Tenses Exercises

Forming Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Affirmative FormSubject + had + been + verb(ing)...
I had been studying English.
Negative FormSubject + hadn't + been + verb(ing)...
I hadn't been living in poverty.
Question FormHad + subject + been + verb(ing)...?
Had she been sleeping?
Negative QuestionHadn't + subject + been + verb(ing)...
Hadn't they been waiting for you?

More Examples

a. The old man had been sleeping on the corner until you came.
b. I had been practicing the violin before my dad arrived.
c. How long had you been learning English before you moved to USA?
d. The students had been waiting for the results until yesterday.
e. Henry had been watching TV before you called him.

Quick Exercise

Complete the following sentences using the present perfect continuous tense form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Mrs. Sally (teach) English for thirty years before she retired.

2. My grandpa (sleep) for three hours when I woke him up.

3. A young boy (stand) at the door until a policeman arrived.

4. Daniel (not work) for months before he was offered a management position.

5. My father (try) to fix the broken pipe for an hour before we eventually called a plumber.

6. The baby (cry) for fifteen minutes before her mother heard her cry.

7. How long (Dan drive)before he fell asleep and had an accident?

8.How long (you teach) before you were offered this position?

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