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The National Health Service of the country was set up in 1948 shortly after the end of the Second World War. Its aim is to provide free medical treatment for all patients who wish to take advantage of the service. However, it is still possible to obtain private medical treatment and in this case the doctor charges a fee. To say that the National Health Service is free is not entirely true. Every employed or self-employed person over sixteen years of age must put a stamp on an insurance card every week. This card is issued by a government department called the Department of Health and Social Security. The stamp costs money and the amount is constantly changing. Part of the cost of this stamp, in fact the greater part, is borne by the employer and it finances the National Health Service together with many other social security benefits.

1. The National Health Service ----.

A) aims to provide free and private medical treatment without paying any money
B) is said to be completely free, however, it is not
C) pays the money of the stamps that patients should fit on the card
D) and Department of Health and Social Security are the same foundations
E) finances the fees the doctors' charge

2. It is stated in the passage that ----.

A) only the Department of Health aims to provide free medical treatment
B) self-employed people's expenses are paid by the National Health Service
C) people over sixteen can obtain benefit from the National Health Service on condition that they stick the stamp on insurance card
D) free medical treatment is valid for the families of people of over sixteen years old as well
E) people should pay extra money if they want to obtain advantages other than medical treatment

3. One can infer from the passage that ----.

A) social security benefits need to be paid fees
B) the stamp is financed greatly by the person as well as the employer
C) government is issued by the National Health Service
D) every employed person needs private medical treatment
E) the stamped cards are accepted only by the governments

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