Will vs Shall

Though in traditional British English "shall" is used with the first person pronouns and “will” with the second and third person pronouns, in universal and American English "shall" is not preferred much.

With the subject pronouns "I and we" = shall
With the subject pronouns "you, he, she, it, they" = will

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Will vs Going To

  • I shall be there tomorrow morning.
  • You will come with us.
  • He will help us with our homework.
  • We shall not (shan't) leave now.
  • They will visit us next week.

  • Shall in Questions

    Different from the usage above, shall is used at the beginning of questions to make suggestions.

    For example:

    Shall we go to the movie theater?
    Shall I eat your sandwich?
    Shall we dance?
    Shall we play golf?

    Shall vs Should in Questions

    Shall we go now?
    I kind of want to go and I am offering/suggesting you. Let's go?

    Should we go now?
    I am not sure, I am asking you if now is a good time to go.
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