Simple Present Tense Easy Exercise

Simple present mixed exercises with answers: Complete the following sentences using present simple tense. (Capitalize when needed)

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Simple Present Rules
Present Continuous Tense
Simple Present vs Continuous

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Simple Present Tense Easy Exercise
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1. Tom and Derek (go) to church every sunday.

2. (you / like) jogging?

3. Mike (study) French regularly.

4. I (speak) Spanish.

5. My brother (eat) an apple every day.

6. You (not / watch) TV at all.

7. She (not / cut) the potatoes, that's your job.

8. (Daniel / know) you?

9. (he / work) ?

10. Lea (watch) the same show every night.

11. Pamela (have) many video games.

12. Eagles (see) everything.

13. Claire always (carry) her laptop with her.

14. His cat (scratch) everybody.

15. I usually (eat) out.

16. What time (you / arrive) home?

17. (it / work) ?

18. Which car (you / want) ?

19. My son (respect) me.

20. He (run) fast.

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