Simple Present Tense Exercise 2

Complete the following sentences using present simple tense (positive/negative/question forms).

1. My son (go) to church every Sunday.

2. (you / like) jogging?

3. Sandra (carry) her books to school.

4. Tom and Jerry always (work) together.

5. Banks (open) at 9:00 in the morning.

6. My kids (not enjoy) playing volleyball.

7. My wife (not cook) on the weekends.

8. (Lucas / come) from Italy?

9. (Ryan / play) the piano?

10. Lea and I (leave) home at 8 o'clock every morning.

11. Andrea often (visit) me.

12. Many people (not like) to be ruled.

13. Selena usually (prefer) tea.

14. I sometimes (forget) to take the trash out.

15. My father usually (wake up) at around 7 o'clock.

16. What time (the train / arrive) in the morning?

17. (your class / start) at 8 o’clock?

18. Which one (you / like) to wear?

19. Thomas occasionally (invite) me to dinner.

20. I (be) proud of my family.

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