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Some vs Any Exercise 2
Some / Any Compound Forms


It is used in affirmative sentences.
Sometimes it is also used in questions. (Who wants some tea?)


It is used in questions and negative sentences.

some + uncountable nounssome + plural nouns

any + uncountable nounsany + plural nouns


There are some chairs outside.
There is some juice in the fridge.
There aren't any apricots.
There isn't any chocolate.
Are there any apples?
Is there any butter?

Quick Exercise

A. Fill in the blanks with some or any.

1. There are socks on the couch.

2. There is coffee in the jar.

3. Are there books for beginners?

4. There aren't English books.

5. I want tea.

6. I haven't got money.

7. Has Alan got friends?

B. Convert from one form to another as in the examples below.

a. There are some girls in the theater. (?)
Are there any girls in the theater?

b. Is there any water in the bottle? (+)
There is some water in the bottle.

8. Are there any beaches in Florida? (+)

9. There are some plants in the garden. (?)

10. Have you got any money? (-)

11. Is there any rice on the plate? (+)

12. There is some sugar in the tea. (-?)

13. There aren't any books on the shelves. (+)

14. There are some candles on the cake. (?)

15. There is some dirt on the floor. (-)

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