Some vs Any Exercise 2

Choose some or any to complete the sentences correctly.


Some and Any

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Some / Any Compound Forms
Much / Many / A Lot Of
1. Have you got extra pencils?

2. I don't have books to read.

3. Can I have coffee, please?

4. Are there rooms available?

5. We need more time to finish our assignment.

6. I've found toys in the box.

7. There isn't sugar in my tea.

8. There are people waiting for you outside.

9. Do you have questions?

10. I need water.

11. I don't have relatives to stay at.

12. There are students in the class.

13. Can I have more tea, please?

14. I can't go out tonight. I have to run errands.

15. I don't want to hear complaints!

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