Such As vs Like

Such as is inclusive whereas like implies comparison.

Such As

I like the new animation movies such as Ice Age and Rio.
(I like Ice Age and Rio.)

I do like some science classes such as physics and math.
(Physics and math are included in the science classes that I like.)


Like (in this context) means similar to and is used for comparison.

I have been to cities like Los Angeles.
(I may have not been to Los Angeles but may be another city like it; a city that is as busy, as popular, etc.)

More Examples

Cannot use "like" in the following sentence.

I have been to some great cities in California such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.
(I have been to those two great cities in California.)
(It wouldn't make much sense to use "like" here since we are not comparing.)

Cannot use "such as" in the following sentence.

Captain America was another superhero movie like Spider-Man and Superman.
(A movie that is similar to the other two)
(Cannot use "such as" since we are making a comparison.)
Captain America was another superhero movie such as Spider-Man and...

Sentence below would be an appropriate "such as version":
They made some great superhero movies in the past such as Captain America, Spider-Man or Superman.

In some cases "like" and "such as" can be used interchangeably.
(correct but with different meanings)

1. A man like Dr. Kimble will always be remembered.
(Men similar to Dr. Kimble; as successful, as popular or as extraordinary)

2. A man such as Dr. Kimble will always be remembered.
(This sentence puts emphasis particularly on Dr. Kimble.)
(Dr. Kimble will be remembered.)

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