So...That / Such...That


It expresses a cause and effect.

So + adjective/adverb + that

I was so sleepy that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Subject Exercises:

So...That / Such...That Exercise
So vs Such vs Such A
So vs Such vs Such A 2

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Cause: It was too windy.
Effect: We couldn't go sailing.

It was so windy that we couldn't go sailing.
(windy- adjective)

Cause: My sister is very shy.
Effect: She hides behind my mother when there are strangers around.

My sister is so shy that she hides behind my mother when there are strangers around.
(shy- adjective)

Cause: The dress was wonderfully designed.
Effect: I couldn't take my eyes off it.

The dress was so wonderfully designed that I couldn't take my eyes off it.
(wonderfully- adverb)


Also expresses a cause and effect.

such + (adjective) + NOUN + that


Cause: It was a great movie.
Effect: I watched it several times.

It's such a great movie that I've watched it several times.
(great-adjective, movie-noun)

Cause: She is a very charming woman.
Effect: Everybody stares at her.

She is such a charming woman that everybody stares at her.
(charming-adjective, woman-noun)

Note: such a very charming... "very" is dropped.

So...that is used with quantifiers (many, much, few, little) even if there is a noun.

I have so many friends that I never get bored.
He has so much money that he can buy whatever he wants.

Quick Exercise

Complete the sentences with so or such.

1. I spend much money that I can't save any.

2. Jimmy and Ken are alike that I can't tell one from another.

3. Shames is a nice dog that he never barks.

4. Those are great pictures that I never want to throw them away.

5. I am bored that I just want to sleep.

6. Our neighbors are kind that they let us borrow their lawn mower.

7. My back aches badly that I can't lift anything anymore.

8. Hawaii has amazing beaches that everyone wants to live there.

Correctness =
Correct answers:



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