So vs Such Exercise 2 

1. Helen was bored that she started singing to herself.

2. It was expensive vacation that I regret it.

3. You were rude to her that he won’t talk to you again.

4. The student was tired that he fell asleep watching a movie.

5. You are popular that everybody envies you.

6. I have great relatives that I never feel alone.

7. They were hungry that they ate as if they hadn’t eaten anything for days.

8. He is making loud noise that I cannot concentrate on my work.

9. We will be far away from you by the time you get this letter.

10. He was fast that I could hardly see him passing by.

11. It was rainy day that it seemed as if the sky was dropping on our heads.

12. The place was loud that we could barely here each other.

13. My brother has interesting stories that you will never get bored listening.

14. The cake is delicious that I can eat it all by myself.

15. My internet connection is slow that I’d rather use a dictionary.

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