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This indicates that something is near us; that indicates that it is at a distance. We also use these and those when talking about more than one objects.

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Lessons for Beginners
Look at the chart below

Near UsAt a Distance


a. This book is in my hand.
b. That book is over there on the desk.
c. These coins are in my hand.
d. Those coins are over there on TV set.

Quick Exercise

Convert from singular form to plural or plural to singular as in the examples below.

a. This exercise is easy.
These exercises are easy.

b. Those socks are Sara's.
That sock is Sara's.

c. These flowers are on the floor.
That flower is on the floor.

1. Is this bed comfortable?

2. Is that Eleni's English book?

3. These are not my toys.

4. These boxes are Ana's.

5. Is that jacket Roy's?

6. Are these dictionaries Andre's?

7. Those are mine.

8. This building is very old.

9. This is a good exercise.

10. These are the old dresses.

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