TOEFL Reading Passage 69

TOEFL Readings With Comprehension Questions - Article 69
Read the short passage below and answer the questions according to the reading.

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Texas School Cafeteria

When schools opened in Texas this fall, some of the favorites were missing from the cafeteria menus. Sodas and candy bars had been banned for grade schoolers, chips and cookies were mini-size and the all time favorite, the French fry, was given just one more year before it too would be banned. Wave of protest could be heard everywhere; and students weren't the only one. All the staff, along with the principal complained about being forced to act as "nutrition police". Parents and kids exchanged schoolyard rumors about Twinkies being confiscated from lunch boxes. Nearly everyone, addicted to the revenues that vending machines bring in, yelled that there wouldn't be enough money for activities like band camp and choir trips. Angry e-mails poured into the mailbox of Susan Combs, who had imposed the new rules.

1. It is stated in the passage that both the students and the principals of the schools in Texas ----.

A) have the most qualified teaching staff
B) are to commute between the campus and downtown
C) intend to devise new methods of dieting
D) seem to be displeased with the current food policy
E) are free to buy any food from the cafeteria

2. It is implied in the passage that Susan Combs ----.

A) was once a principal in one of the schools of Texas
B) is responsible for the latest changes in the regulations of diet in schools
C) denies that she has a part in the prohibition of fast-food sales in schools
D) is appreciated by people in Texas
E) complained about the protests at schools

3. One can infer from the passage that ----.

A) Texas is the most populous state of the U.S. in terms of the number of obese people
B) students are no longer interested in what they consume as food
C) Susan Combs has the authority to determine what will be served at schools
D) all of the people living in Texas seem to be pleased with the food
E) school cafeterias don't have any food to sell regardless of the latest ban

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