Used To vs Be Used To Exercise

Fill in the blanks with used to or a form of (be) used to.

Subject Explanations:
Used To / Would

Subject Exercises:
Used To / (be) Used To
Used To / Would / Didn't use to
1-2. My parents (travel) to other countries when they were young, but now they (go) to places that are nearby.

3. This street (be) very dark until the new lights were installed.

4. He doesn't have any problem getting to work at 8:00 in the morning because he (get up) early.

5-6. Once grandparents, parents and children (live) together, but now grandparents (live) by themselves.

7. At one time American mothers (hope) their sons would grow up to become President.

8. Before he became ill, he (play) tennis every morning.

9. She's so (go to bed) early that she hardly ever goes out at night.

10. For a long time, people (think) that the world was flat and that people could fall off the edge.

11. They (have) a lot of money, but now they are poor.

12. Today many children (watch) TV for hours instead of doing their homework.

13. We (go) to the country every summer, but now we can't afford to.

14. I'm now (eat) hamburgers, but at first I didn't like them.

15. In many banks, machines are doing the work that tellers (do).

16. People (catch) fish in this river, but now the river has become polluted .

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