Used To vs Be Used To Exercise

Fill in the blanks with used to or a form of (be) used to.

Subject Explanations:
Used To / Would

Subject Exercises:
Used To / (be) Used To
Used To / Would / Didn't use to
1. My parents ---- (travel) to other countries when they were young, but now they ---- (go) to places that are nearby.

2. This street ---- (be) very dark until the new lights were installed.

3. He doesn't have any problem getting to work at 8:00 in the morning because he ---- (get up) early.

4. Once grandparents, parents and children ---- (live) together, but now grandparents ---- (live) by themselves.

5. At one time American mothers ---- (hope) their sons would grow up to become President.

6. Before he became ill, he ---- (play) tennis every morning.

7. She's so ---- (go to bed) early that she hardly ever goes out at night.

8. For a long time, people ---- (think) that the world was flat and that people could fall off the edge.

9. They ---- (have) a lot of money, but now they are poor.

10. Today many children ---- (watch) TV for hours instead of doing their homework.

11. We ---- (go) to the country every summer, but now we can't afford to.

12. I'm now ---- (eat) hamburgers, but at first I didn't like them.

13. In many banks, machines are doing the work that tellers ---- (do).

14. People ---- (catch) fish in this river, but now the river has become polluted .

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