Used to /  Would / Get Used to

Habitual Activity

BeGet used to
get accustomed to
+ noun / V gerund

The new employee of ours is getting used to using / is getting accustomed to using the new system.
(He / She is not fully ready but learning the new system)

The new employee of ours is used to using / is accustomed to using the new system.
(He / She already knows / has no problem with the new system)

Used To vs Would

"Used to" can be used with action and stative verbs but "would" can only be used with action verbs.

When I was young, I would go fishing every Sunday. (used to go / went)

When I was young I used to like milk. (would like, liked)

When my little sister was a kid, she used to be very annoying. (was)

When we were kids, my mother would wake us up every morning. (she was used to waking us up)

I used to like Madonna. (would like)

Negative / Question form of "used to"

Did you use to go to there?

No, I didn't use to go there.
I used to not go there.


  • Typical Behavior

  • It would start raining just whenever we went to picnic.
    He would smile every time I mentioned her name.
    We would have breakfast on the roof.

  • Past of "will"

  • Mary said that she would call me ASAP (as soon as possible).
    I don't know what happened, she said she would be here.
    I told you the bus would arrive on time.

  • Unreal Situations

  • You would look better with short hair.
    I would buy a lottery ticket if I were you.
    It would be great if we had money but unfortunately we don't.

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