Little / A Little / Few / A Few Exercise

Complete the sentences with A LITTLE, LITTLE, FEW, A FEW.

1. Let's go to the movies. I have money.

2. I'm sorry, I can't pay for your lunch. I have money.

3. Not many children like vegetables. For example, children eat squash.

4. Joe is always angry. That's why he has friends.

5. Bill didn't drink all the soda. There's left.

6. The party was fun. There were people I knew there.

7. Your house is almost empty! You have furniture.

8. Marty : Do you need same help with your math homework?
Harry : Yes, I could sure use .

9. Henry : How many people were at the game last night?
Kenny : Almost none. people want to watch a team that always loses.

10. Doris : Are Dallas and Ft. Worth very far from each other?
David: No, they're quite close. There's distance between them.

11. There's milk in the refrigerator. About half a quart, I think.

12. Doctor: Have you ever been in bad health or had a serious operation?
Patient: No, I haven't. I've had medical problems.

13. Steve : Have you received any applications for the job that you advertised in the paper last week?
Larry : Yes, but only .

14. Steve : I wonder why most people didn't applied for it?
Larry : want to work so hard for so little money.

15. May I please have more coffee?

16. Greg is always busy; he has free time.

17. of the children were rude, but most were polite.

18. Donald doesn't care for school. He has interest in it.

19. I need to talk to you. Do you have minutes?

20. Let's get together when we have free time.

21. Rodney feels that his life is very dull. He has adventures.

22. There are no empty seats on this flight, but there are available on the next one.

23. Almost all of the people at the meeting were in civilian clothes. were wearing uniforms.

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