Adjective Clauses Exercise

Complete the sentences with the most appropriate adjective clauses.

1. He likes to draw pictures of animals on the board he gets a chance.

2. Tidy your room your friend has gone.

3. I will sign the contract I read and understand all the terms.

4. We were watching TV she suddenly came in.

5. Jenna was singing she was taking a bath.

6. Take the trash out you go to sleep.

7. Save some energy and don't turn on the lights it gets dark.

8. Anthony had eaten nonstop his parents came back from vacation.

9. I don't want to be falling in love she's walking away.

10. I couldn't read the sign it was too late to make the turn.

11. He has made a lot of friends he started school.

12. I didn't hear the news I got home that day.

13. Leave a message the tone.

14. Please call me you hear from your father, I am worried about him.

15. I was thinking of you we were looking at the pictures.

16. In her childhood, Pam would get scared she saw any kind of animal on TV.

17. We had forgotten about her we came across an old card she had sent us.

18. Finish your homework you sleep tonight.

19. He was riding his horse he fell and broke his knee.

20. Allen has been studying English he was four.

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