Pronouns Exercises

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Choose the appropriate options to complete the sentences.

1. We all told the boss that we wanted to have ---- salaries paid in advance but he just ignored ----.

A) ours / it
B) his / we
C) their / our
D) we / his
E) our / us

2. When the man asked me how I had got ---- address, I told him that I was given it by a relative of ----.

A) my / me
B) his / his
C) mine / his
D) his / him
E) him / him

3. Although ---- in the room seemed to follow ---- said by the speaker, he never intended to simplify his language.

A) no one / anything
B) anybody / anything
C) nobody / nothing
D) anyone / nothing
E) someone / something

4. I hope you will enjoy ---- at the re-union party this weekend because I won't be able to be there ----.

A) you / myself
B) yourself / mine
C) yours / oneself
D) yourself / myself
E) you / me

5. We decided to do all the cooking ---- instead of hiring a catering company for the party.

A) of our own
B) oneself
C) by ourselves
D) ours
E) each other

6. Thousands of children nowadays prefer doing ---- homework with a background of pop-music to doing ---- in a quiet room.

A) theirs / them
B) his / its
C) them / it's
D) they / them
E) their / it

7. You and ---- brother need to take time to prepare ---- for the long journey which will start next month.

A) his / yourself
B) yours / ourselves
C) their / you
D) your / yourselves
E) her / by themselves

8. The kids watched each of ---- gestures as if their mother were a stranger.

A) them
B) hers
C) him
D) her
E) himself

9. Trademarks enable a company to distinguish ---- products from ---- of another company.

A) their / it
B) it / that
C) our / this
D) its / those
E) my / these

10. ---- cannot see through translucent materials, but light can pass through ----.

A) We / it
B) Anything / their
C) One / them
D) No one / its
E) Everyone / their

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