Which or Where Exercise

Choose which or where.

1. That city, is mostly famous for its fountains, is Rome.

2. Do you know the drawer your mother keeps her jewelry?

3. Vegas is the city I got married.

4. Paris, is one of the most desired destinations in the world, is the capital of France.

5. The university I got my education is Davis.

6. The bridge was damaged by the hurricane is being rebuilt now.

7. Do you still remember the restaurant we met?

8. This is the place the accident took place.

9. That’s the famous Egyptian Palace is known worldwide.

10. Have you visited the museum was once a church?

11. The factory was shut down two years ago is currently functioning.

12. Has anybody seen the box I put my tools?

13. The hotel I work is very close to my house.

14. Have you been to the café is run by my friend Andrew?

15. How can I go to the beach we used to hang out?

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