Relative Pronouns Exercises 3

Choose who / whom / that / which / when / where / whose / why.
There may be more than one correct answers.

1. Benjamin Franklin, discovered electricity in lightning, designated the charge signs.

2. The school I go to has more than a thousand students.

3. I have never been to Venice, is one of the top items in my bucket list.

4. The candidates want to apply for the job, must fill in this form.

5. I just don't understand the reason he failed in the exam.

6. I still remember the cafe I met you.

7. My friend daughter works for Google lives a modest life.

8. I can't find the book I borrowed from the school library yesterday.

9. 2002 is the year the latest tax reform was passed.

10. Have you met the new girl we saw in the library?

11. That's the house backyard is very small.

12. My dog Max, I love, bit me yesterday.

13. Do you know the guy is waiting at the door?

14. My student Clare, has two sisters, has the highest grades in the class.

15. My house, has four bedrooms, can accommodate up to 3 families.

16. They stole the bike was left on the side of the street.

17. The safe we keep our jewelery is missing.

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