Who vs Which Exercise 3

Choose who or which.

1. The shoes I’ve bought are red.

2. Can you pass me the books are on the table, please?

3. Isn’t she the little girl we saw in the park yesterday?

4. What’s the name of your teacher teaches History?

5. Andre is riding the bike he bought last week.

6. Have you watched all the movies I rented yesterday?

7. Who is the girl owns this dictionary?

8. Who took you to the lawyer I still haven’t had the chance to meet.

9. Have you noticed the picture is on the wall?

10. Did you send the e-mail we talked about?

11. They employed the man made a good impression on me.

12. Is he the boy bullies you?

13. I am interested in any books you recommend.

14. There is the painting I bought this morning.

15. I still keep in touch with the people we met in Norway.

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