Who vs Which Exercise 2

Fill in the blanks with who or which.
1. I met a woman ---- can speak six languages

2. What’s the name of the man ---- lives next door?

3. Where is the picture ---- was on the wall?

4. Everybody ---- went to the party enjoyed it very much.

5. Do you know anybody ---- wants to buy a car?

6. What’s the name of the river ---- goes through the town?

7. She always asks me questions ---- are difficult to answer.

8. I have a friend ---- is very good at repairing cars.

9. A coffee-maker is a machine ---- makes coffee.

10. Why does he always wear clothes ---- are too big for him?

11. The man ---- won the first prize last week will be very rich.

12. The girl ---- had an accident yesterday is my father's secretary.

13. The books ---- are lying on the table are very interesting.

14. The doctor ---- usually attends my mother is on holiday now.

15. The airplane ---- frightened the students was flying very low over the school.

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