Who vs Which Exercise 1

Choose who or which.

1. Have you met the guy joined our class yesterday?

2. Has anybody seen the English book I left on my desk?

3. The car is parked in front of our house looks so comfortable.

4. Did you pass the exam almost all the students in the class failed?

5. Our new colleague graduated from Yale is really so smart.

6. The golden watch I believed was stolen was found yesterday.

7. The new software program our boss made compulsory to learn is a real disappointment.

8. Who introduced you the girl I still haven’t had the chance to meet.

9. They are building a new bridge will connect the two halves of the island.

10. Anybody wants to join us has to fill in the application form.

11. Your new skirt you bought from the Grand bazaar looks so nice.

12. My friend lives in an apartment in downtown wants to move here in my neighborhood.

13. I am interested in any books which you recommend.

14. The old painting was worth millions of dollars was damaged in an earthquake.

15. Our professor has written more than ten books on how to diet is an extraordinary person.

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