Relative Pronouns Exercises 1

Choose who / whom / that / which / when / where / whose / why.
There may be more than one correct answers.

1. My cousin Ethan, works at NASA, is a brilliant scientist.

2. The shop I go to is close to downtown.

3. Your shop, will probably be shut down next year, is really old.

4. I've met most of the people are eager to take part in the competition.

5. Do you know the reason our offer was rejected.

6. Do you remember the town you were born?

7. The neighbor son is always running around the street is a journalist.

8. Where is the box came in the mail?

9. 1999 is the year the big earthquake happened.

10. Do you know the man my father's helping?

11. I apologized to the woman coffee I spilled.

12. My cat Fer, I love, bit me yesterday.

13. I had never seen the guy was following me yesterday.

14. The blonde girl in the lineup, has a white hat, won the race.

15. My new car, was in park, was hit from behind.

16. They towed the car was in front of the barn.

17. The container we throw our trash should be kept outside the house.

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