Possessive Pronouns Exercise 2

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Complete the exercise with possessive pronouns.

Lucas: We have a math exam right now, so I need to find a calculator urgently.

1. George: Why? What happened to ?

2. Lucas: I forgot at home.

3. George: OK. You can borrow if you want.

4. Lucas: Thanks, but doesn't have the features I need.

5. George: How about Mike, is good?

6. Lucas: Yes it is, but he gave it to Melissa because she forgot too.

George: Did you ask the 9th graders? I bet they have some.

7. Lucas: Yes, I did, but is too advanced, more for calculus problems.

8. George: Well, then go ask Miss Kimberly for .

9. She will be a little angry at you because you forgot , but it's better than taking a math exam without a calculator.

10. Lucas: I think you are right, and is probably better than any of .

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