My Friend and Me or My Friend and I

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Which is Correct?

My friend and I or my friend and me? The answer is it depends. "My friend and I" would be the subject of the sentence whereas we say "my friend and me" when it is the object.

For Example:

John is going to meet my family and me today. (as object)
My family and I are going to meet John today. (as subject)

My cousins and I ran into Kate at the mall yesterday.
Kate waited for me and my cousins at the mall yesterday.


Jack's mom is going to pick up him and me from school.
He and I are going home with his mom.
I can't believe she and I are both teenagers now.


My friend and I are getting picked up by his mom.
Jack, John and I are going to the theater.
First person singular "I" comes at the end.
I and my friend are getting...

Quick Exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct options.

1. Have they met my mother and ?

2. The limousine is going to pick up my friends and .

3. No. and I are not going to the theater.

4. Can you help and my friend with our homework?

5. Your brother and are going fishing tomorrow.

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