Possessive Pronouns Exercise 3

Supply the suitable forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. Can I borrow your phone? is out of battery.

2. She doesn't want to wear my dress, she likes better.

3. Why would you want to live in someone else's house when is the best of all.

4. The neighbors have our lawn mower, they said was broken so I lent them ours.

5. Everyone loved Abigail's dance the most because was a solo.

6. He had so many shirts so I just wore one of instead of buying another one.

7. Is this your toothbrush? No, is green.

8. We have everything we need except for the stereo. Can you tell Jack to bring for the party.

9. My father is looking for a replacement I-pad as he dropped and broke it.

10. We need your class notes from yesterday because isn't complete.

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