Reflexive Pronouns Exercise 2

Also see Reflexive Pronouns.

Complete the following sentences with "each other" or a suitable reflexive pronoun.(myself, yourself, herself...)

1. Why are you talking to ----, are you crazy?

2. Mia is a fine artist, she was drawing ---- yesterday.

3. Go inside and introduce ----.

4. It was so crowded that we couldn't even find ----.

5. You two should appreciate ---- more, then you will be happier.

6. The kids are enjoying ---- at the pool.

7. Nobody likes to go on a vacation by ----.

8. I am proud of ---- for winning today's race.

9. I don't think Ana would blame ---- for what happened.

10. They stared at ---- for over a minute without saying anything.

11. He stared at ---- in the mirror for half an hour.

12. We bumped into ---- in the street and ended up having lunch together.

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