Reflexive Pronouns Worksheet

Also see Reflexive Pronouns.

Complete the following sentences with each other or a suitable reflexive pronoun.(myself, yourself, herself...)

1. They told ---- stories all night long.

2. I've always wanted to meet you but we've never had the chance to talk to ---- until now.

3. Let me introduce ----. My name is Alan.

4. She weighs ---- every morning. She is obsessed with her weight.

5. He should give ---- more time.

6. They were very good friends and often invited ---- over.

7. No one wants to study with me so I am going to have to study by ----.

8. They love ---- and they are going to get married.

9. How could you do something like that. You must be ashamed of ---- .

10. The two students started running around. I thought they were going to hurt ---- but fortunately nothing happened in the end.

11. The newly divorced couple tried to avoid seeing ---- at the party.

12. When I first entered the manager's room, I thought he was talking to ---- but then I realized he was on the phone.

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