Indefinite Pronouns Exercise 2

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Put the following indefinite pronouns into the correct blanks.

anywhereanyone (2)somethingeveryonenothing
somewheresomeone (2)anythingeverything

1. Can't you hear that ---- is knocking on the door?

2. I was wondering if you would like ---- to drink.

3. The family members have been badly injured in the accident. Is there ---- to help them?

4. Carol has just checked the internet; however, she couldn't find the article ----.

5. Unfortunately, this plant is already dead and there is ---- we can do about it.

6. Stop feeling sorry for your relationship! You should simply accept ---- has a beginning and an end.

7. ---- must do ---- about the human rights in that country or it will be too late.

8. The boss is writing an important report. Therefore, he has to work ---- quiet.

9. There is an exam tomorrow. Needless to say, ---- has to study for it.

10. My boyfriend broke my heart by lying to me. I don't think I can trust ----.

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