Indefinite Pronouns Worksheet 1

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Fill in the blanks with indefinite pronouns:
Someone, Anyone, No one, Everyone, Nothing, Anything, Something.

1. There is ---- in the clothes basket. It is empty.

2. I've tried phoning but every time I tried there was ---- in.

3. I have prepared ---- for dinner which you will like very much.

4. Would you like ---- to start with before the main menu?

5. He sat at the table but didn't have ---- to eat.

6. You can do ---- . I don't really care.

7. I met ---- you know last night. She told me she had missed you very much.

8. That's a very easy job. ---- can do it.

9. Did you turn the oven off? I think I can smell ---- burning.

10. ---- offered help. They probably didn't have time.

11. ---- arrived in good time and the meeting started promptly at 3:30.

12. When the show finished there was complete silence. ---- clapped.

13. ---- likes being poor.

14. ---- told me that Tom was leaving London but later I found out that it was not true.

15. Of all the people I met in my life, ---- is more important to me than you.

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