Possessive Adjectives vs Pronouns

Choose possessive adjective or possessive pronoun exercise: My/Mine, Your/Yours, Her/Hers, His/His, Our/Ours, Their/Theirs

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Possessive Pronouns
Possessive Adjectives

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Personal Pronouns Worksheet
1. school teacher played basketball with us in yard

2. Bart and I did homework, but Jennifer didn't do .

3. When I entered the room I found Lois playing cards with friends.

4. I don't know whose car is this. We parked in the garage.

5. class scored the highest score in TOEFL while didn't even make it in the top-10.

6. Al and Sam want to buy another car as is too small.

7. Don't forget to clean gutters every winter. I clean all the time.

8. company offered them a job but they turned it down claiming

that is better.

9. I bought those crackers at school. They are

10. I don't need I have own ones.

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