Another vs Other Exercise
Each Other / Every Other / Others

(the) Other(s), Another, Each Other, Every Other

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Forms of Other

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Another vs Other Exercises 1
Forms of Other Exercise 2
Fill in the blanks with another, (the) other (s), each other, every other.

1. My sister has ---- two years to go before she finishes her university course.

2. Mr. and Mrs. White are arriving this evening but ---- guests won't be here until tomorrow.

3. Now that John is working in Newcastle we don't get to see ---- very often.

4. I don't have time to read a newspaper every day, so I buy one ---- day.

5. Two new students started today. One is Jane Lloyd and ---- is Ruth Howard.

6. I've got one of the five books I ordered but ---- haven't arrived yet.

7. In ---- five years I'll be running my own business.

8. Even though Clare and Frances see ---- at school every day, they still spend half an hour talking to ---- on the phone every evening.

9. One of the most environmentally-friendly means of transport is the bicycle; ---- are the train and the tram.

10. Only two students passed the exam. All ---- failed.

11. Some people liked the film while ---- were shocked by it.

12. Lisa goes horse riding ---- week.

13. I need ---- pair of shoes, these are falling apart.

14. There was a good film on TV ---- night. Did you see it?

15. We're leaving now; ---- will join us later.

16. My mother telephones ---- day to see how I am.

17. He has to write ---- two page s before the article is finished.

18. Have you got ---- book I can read? I've finished mine.

19. Some couples are very dependent on ---- for companionship.

20. I was the only one who liked the film; ---- hated it.

21. 21. It'll be few ---- weeks before I see my brother again.

22. A1though they work together, they don't get along with ----.

23. Sue has to go to the supermarket ---- day to buy food.

24. Simone came to see us ---- day; she looked very well.

25. This was the only house that we could afford; all ---- were too expensive.

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