Forms of Other Exercise 2

(the) Other(s), Another, Each Other, Every Other

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Forms of Other

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Another vs Other Exercises 1
Forms of Other Exercise 2
Fill in the blanks with another, (the) other (s), each other, every other.

1. I wish I had ---- two days to submit my final project. Now I must stay awake all night to finish it.

2. Among twenty eight students just Karen and Laura were able to understand what the teacher meant. All ---- did their homework incorrectly.

3. Since I moved to Los Angeles I have been searching for an appropriate house to rent. I think the one I saw yesterday was better than all ---- houses.

4. Some people do their best to prevent animal testing while ---- are indifferent.

5. Although my best friend settled in another country we are still in touch with ----.

6. George has difficulty in finding time to visit his grandparents, so he sees them ---- week.

7. I bought two new books yesterday. I am planning to read “Pride and Prejudice” and give ---- one to my sister as a gift.

8. I cannot write with this pen. Could you give me ---- one?

9. She needs to have ---- job to afford those shoes.

10. Three days in a week I go to the sports center. One of those days is Tuesday and ---- are Saturday and Sunday.

11. The most important reason why people are intolerant to each other is that they do not do their best to understand ----.

12. She was the only one who agreed with me and ---- contradicted.

13. If I eat ---- burger I will have a stomach explosion.

14. Some of the students in the class forgot their materials at home, while ---- brought everything.

15. Please write on ---- line so that your handwriting is more legible.

16. “God has given you one face and you make yourself ----.” is a famous Shakespeare quote.

17. George Orwell is one of the writers that I admire, some ---- are Virginia Woolf and Samuel Beckett.

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