English Articles Worksheet 6

1. If you don't have any other suggestions why don't we eat in ---- restaurant we saw yesterday?

2. Although the two climbers followed ---- track to the summit of Mount Everest, ---- others waited at ---- camp.

3. One of the CD players was broken but luckily ---- other one worked.

4. The teacher asked each of ---- students to bring ---- photograph of their grandparents or elderly relatives.

5. It seems that she has enough talent to become ---- international singer.

6. I am glad that so many people passed ---- test and only a few failed.

7. When looking for a good acoustic guitar, there are a great many things to consider such as ---- craftsmanship and ---- wood choice.

8. It is still a matter of discussion among scientists whether a good amount of calcium in your diet protects you against ---- diseases.

9. There is often ---- distinction made between frogs and toads based on appearance; however, there is no scientific distinction.

10. Fortunately, none of the scientists working on ---- volcano at the time of the eruption were injured.

11. All stars except ---- Sun appear to the human eye as shining points in the night time sky that twinkle because of ---- effect of the Earth's atmosphere.

12. This city is known for its universities, several of which are among ---- most reputable in the country.

13. Some researchers are convinced that everybody who gets hit on ---- head has at least some brain damage.

14. ---- Blue Whale is ---- biggest whale in the Antarctic Ocean; it is ---- larger than ---- dinosaurs, who once ruled the Earth. Maybe this is why ---- blue whales have no enemies.

15. One with ---- good education is likely to be respected more.

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